Tuesday, 21 December 2010


It is hard to believe with the freezing weather we have just now that we have turned a corner and the days will now get longer! 

 This year like most years we made SLOE GIN.Tonight we removed the sloes from the gin and poured a glass or two to celebrate MIDWINTER.

Here the candle is placed behind the sloe gin bottle so you can get a hint of the glorious colour!
You will have to take my word for the taste..........also GLORIOUS!!
That spiky onion head decorating the pic grew in my garden!!............ALIUM SCHUBERTII.....a reminder of warmer days gone by and yet to come.


G Peplow said...

Hi there Sue, wonderful onion head and your sloe gin looks absolutely delicious. Thank goodness the days are getting longer some relief from the dark. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas:0) xx

Helen said...

I love sloe gin! Happy winter solstice to you, and a very Happy Christmas too!

Sarah A said...

Hi Sue

Fabulous colour of your sloe gin and thart onion head is the perfect embellishment!

I am intrigued where the beeswax comes in from your title ;-)

Sarah x

cheryl said...

oh my sister in law makes slow gin,
just wanted to wish you a happy xmas and a happy and healthy new year too love hugs cheryl xxxxx

Nigel said...

I love sloe gin, but had to make do with a glass of red (it's a hard life).

Solstice wishes to you and yours.

Sarah Anderson said...

What a lovely cosy evening you've had! I've been haring around still sorting Christmas shopping out and running a family taxi service! Love your photo with the onion head, I could just do with a sloe gin now :)

Sid said...

Ages since I made any of that lovely stuff Sue. Glad it tastes great and nice to know the nights are getting shorter again !!

Zue said...

That onion flower is magnificent, never seen one so big. I always feel positive about the 21st December it is now uphill to Spring. Quite encouraging! I have enjoyed your art these last months. Happy Christmas.
Sue xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

i love sloe gin, yum yum

chris f said...

Hi Sue I think I may have sussed out why I couldn't leave comments so here goes! That Allium head is gorgeous - I grew something similar once and the dried head lasted several years. It hasn't some up in the garden for a few years so it must have died, sadly. I'll make a note of the name and try to get another now you have inspired me.
All the best for Christmas
PS Went to see We Will Rock You last week - one word - fab u lous!