Monday, 20 December 2010


 Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse etc etc
This comes, of course, from the poem THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS also known as A VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLAS

 Now here I go again with my bits of useless information that I can't resist looking up!....ignore if not interested, read on if you are!!!......apparently the authorship of this poem has always been controversial, it was written by either CLEMENT CLARKE MOORE or HENRY LIVINGSTON.........rather than bore you with the details LOOK HERE if you want to know more!

 OK, back to the journal pages!! This is made in one of my little passport sized journal having fun playing with them.........I just acquired the row of houses and the snowflake border dies (by Tim Holtz) and wanted to have a play.......used the snowflake one as a mask to colour around before laying another over the top.

Like these little houses!! My husband looks like they left all the lights on for Santa!!


Effie said...

More fab pages.. I love those houses too!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, festive pieces.The owl is a stunner.

The falling snow (or is it my dandruff. Ho! Ho!),on your blog doesn't half slow down my old Pc. Just wanted to say that all your latest pieces are exceptionally fabulous.

Wishing you and yours a VeRy,VeRy, MErRy, mErRy, HO, HO, CHRISTMAS :)


Diane Kelsey said...

The houses look fntastic!

Nigel said...

Fabulous pages, but haven't those people in the houses ever heard of energy conservation?

Sarah A said...

Interesting reading about Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingston, I never knew that poem was veiled with so much controversy!

Love the little row of houses with the lights on, I wonder if it is a case of the lights are on but noone is home?

Sarah x

Sandy said...

Wow again a wonderfrul page.
Amazing design. You are the pagemaster Sue.

Sarah Anderson said...

Ah, that's a very cute thought from Stuart .. how sweet!
Those border dies are on my wishlist! I'm resisting the snow one, and planning on the house one after Christmas :)!!! Love your little bits of info, off to read up about that poem ;)

Sarah Anderson said... thought to have been a governess who passed the poem from the Livingston household to the Moores