Monday, 30 May 2011


and today that word is WINGS!


Sunday, 29 May 2011

A monstrous crow?

Yesterday was a weird, could-not-be-bothered, nothing-works-out-right sort of day!! I know why.....I'm not feeling very settled......more of that very soon, I hope.........but it doesn't help knowing why!!
However, today is another day and a more positive mood has returned and to celebrate I decided not to be hard on myself but to go into my comfort zone of old book pages.....gesso....Distress Inks......Alice.....weird birds......get the picture!!!
 I have had this TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLEDUM piece lying around for months......they were left over from something else and I stitched them onto a book page.....then had no idea what I was going to do with it!

 Today they got combined with this MONSTROUS crow/raven doll image!

 The words of the Tweedledee/dum poem were added in my FAV way!!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum are digi images from  THE OCTOPODE FACTORY  and the raven doll is a collage sheet from SABRINAZANETTI

Friday, 27 May 2011

Today in Almaty.....

was a nice day!
 I met a friend here for lunch......yummy mozzarella and tom salad.......cappucino......lemon the world go by.......

......... a leisurely wander down the road and came across this beautiful fountain........... had all these weird and wonderful creatures around the favourite was the snail!!!

Finally.........we came across a street vendor selling strawberries and cherries.......guess what I am eating later???

Thursday, 26 May 2011


WEDNESDAY STAMPER ask us to work with the theme of NEST this week.
I got a bit carried away!
 I don't think I've used so many stamps on one piece for a long time!! I used some old favs and even some I hadn't used before!

 The bird children and bird with dress are CATSLIFE PRESS.........the egg is from a download collage sheet.........

 ....the tree, chair, tags, word labels are CHARACTER CONSTRUCTIONS

 when I set out to make this I had in mind something to do with empty nest syndrome, wondering if birds suffer from it as well as us or if they are just glad when they go.........but it turned into a play on nest egg!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Acetate with Stampotique

Today is STAMPOTIQUE DESIGNERS CHALLENGE day again. This time the challenge was set by WILLY and it is to use acetate and boy did I find it a challenge!!!! I'm not sure why but this was so hard! I think some of it was the lack of resources I have here.....did not really have acetate as such......I ended up taking a file folder, putting a piece of local newspaper inside, folding in half and stitching it closed. This was then my background piece that I worked onto.

 Next I stitched an open zip to the acetate panel........painted the space inside the zip with black paint......stamped QUEEN OF LIFE (one of my all time fav Stampotique images) onto card, coloured and cut out and added in the space...

 ....added liking these paper brollies just now!.......leaf pins and press studs.......large stamped buttons from BUTTON CUBE stitched in place.....

 I like the zip idea, will be using that again!

Stampotique stamps are available in the UK from 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Black and white.........

is a combination that I like very much. I also really like the stripes, swirls and dots that have come to be associated with the style called ZETTI.  So it is good that TAKE A WORD has ZETTI as the theme this week, it gave me chance to sit and doodle a while!
 I also decided that it was time to start to introduce HALLOWE'EN for this year! Don't worry I'm not going to go completely Hallowe'en.......well, not yet!!!

 I bought these images from ITKUPILLI on my recent shopping spree with her and needed very little reason to use them!

 OOOHHHH scary face!!! LOVE IT!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Steppe eagles and canyons

One of the "must see" places here in Kazakhstan is CHARYN CANYON so that is where we headed yesterday with a group of friends.
 On the way we stopped off at a falconry museum where I got this fab picture of a 
STEPPE was HUGE and very beautiful!!

 Charyn CAnyon is said to be Kazakhstans Grand Canyon! I was thinking well it's not going to be that good.....and of course it's nowhere as big as the Grand Canyon.......but I was surprised how spectacular it was!
 After viewing from the top we then went down into the canyon and walked through between the rock walls.

 Eventually you get to the river at the bottom of the canyon.....boy was it running would not want to fall in!
 The only problem with getting to the bottom have to walk back out and it's up-hill! So worth it though!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Have you ever wondered........

......why we like the things we do??
I have! I think because I like slightly weird stuff I am often asked why I like them......and I don't really know!! I do like some "conventional" stuff.....but the weird stuff makes me happy!!

 I just bought a new download sheet from's called ZOMBIES!!
 It goes with the PICKLED BABIES sheet which is actually called CURIOSITY CABINET

So, question is why do you think we like the things we do??

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

And another one...

.....this is turning into challenge week!! Yes, I found another one that I wanted to join in with............this one is THE THREE MUSES where the theme is EGGS!

Not only a fun theme but it gave me a reason to buy a digi collage sheet I have been eyeing for the last few days! Its called RAVEN DOLL and its from SABRINAZANETTI and I LOVE it!!
 Raven Doll wth top hat...............

 .....and Raven Doll with witches hat!

 My FAVOURITE way of adding words to a page! Love this creepy, ghoulish poem!