Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bone Daddy

I signed up for a Michael deMeng online workshop.....Distressed started while I was away on holiday so yesterday I was anxious to try out one of the techniques......this one he calls BONE DADDY:)
 once the head was done then what to do with it?

 I have several of these big clock springs so decided to use one and it just cried out to have some wording added to it......I used Psalm 23

 making the spring stand up somewhat was an interesting challenge.....there is a wooden column underneath to push it up and wire looped over the coils and through the base holding the spring in place

Saturday, 24 August 2013

After Albania

we spent 3 days in Vienna. 
It was an artsy few days, well Vienna is an artsy sort of place......famous as the home of Klimt.....we saw several Klimt pieces including The Kiss and The Beethoven Frieze (no photos allowed) and this, the death part of Death and Life

 I also discovered a new-to-me-artist ......Egon Schiele....he was a protege of Klimt and you can see the influence but his work is also different

 One of the things I wanted to see while in Vienna was the Hundertwasserhaus......a collaboration between artist Hundetwasser and architect Joseph was AMAZING!!
And I have to say it reminded me a little of the Gaudi stuff in Barcelona.

 Then a short walk down the road you find.....

 KunstHausWien........Hudertwassers museum and gallery

 inside was a cafe designed by Hundertwasser .....nice apple cake:)

 and even the loo was decorated

Friday, 23 August 2013

Albanian churches

I'm back from my holiday in Albania and thought I'd share some pics with you ......there are loads of them as you can imagine so I am going to share some church pics......I love a good church and these were certainly very special.
 So, although this blog post is called Albanian churches this one is actually in Macedonia, overlooking Lake Ohrid.

 So, onto Albanian churches.....this one was tucked away and the shepherd who holds the key for it let us in....
 there were some old men outside playing dominoes

 and inside were the most beautiful Medeival frescoes.......gobsmacking!

 Another day we climbed up this hill passing this little shrine on the way......

 to this church nestled in the trees on the hillside......

 again we were let in by the holder of this giant old key.........

 before we went inside there were frescoes painted on the outside of the church too........

 sadly many are now damaged by graffitti.....

 and then inside.......this was a very special place......Medeival frescoes with cobwebs and bats flying around

 unfortunately the church had recently had some of its carved pillars stolen......such a shame as they are never likely to be recovered.

There were others but I won't bore you with any more! 
Will be back with more pics of different stuff later:)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holiday time

My poor blog has been pretty neglected the last several weeks......the garden calls to me in the Summer and my time goes in that direction:)
 And it is going to get worse before it gets better as I am about to head off on holiday to Albania, Macedonia and a few days in Vienna......will hopefully be posting pics on Facebook if you want to see:)
Will leave you with a few pics of flowers in the garden.