Wednesday, 29 July 2009


This is my entry for the second challenge on READY STEADY STAMP.
As I am currently obsessed with journalling I decided to make a journal page for the challenge.

This time round we have to include the sun, the colour yellow, a triangle, acetate and ribbon.

The acetate is hard to see on a scan, the words are stamped on it and it is held in place with staples. My ribbon has been coloured and stamped and then also stapled in place. The rest is hopefully self explanatory!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I cannot wait for this to come out! Oh well, will have to be patient till next March!

Monday, 27 July 2009


The theme on TMTA is KINGS AND QUEENS.
I'm afraid the recent trend for Marie Antoinette themed stuff doesn't do a lot for me and I am sure that is the direction we are intended to go, but here is my take on that theme!

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Working to a sketch is a new idea to me and I find it quite interesting! I have been aware of sketches being around for some time, hard not to be really but I've never taken a lot of interest. But then I noticed that Rachel Jackson has been publishing a monthly sketch on her blog and challenging people to have a go and so I decided I would!

If it's good enough for Rachel it's good enough for me! If you don't know Rachels work be sure to pop over to her blog and have a look.

Here are the results..............above is a card where I stuck to the sketch quite firmly and below is an ATC where I played around with it just a little, replacing the small circle at the bottom with a heart and putting the image into a circle as well.

I seem to be stuck in a Halloween phase at the moment, I think this awful weather is making me feel Autumnal, well that's my excuse!!

In case you need to know........the paper I used is Night Light Cauldron Swirls from My Minds Eye, available from THE STAMP ATTIC

Friday, 24 July 2009


The challenge theme on BIG ART ADVENTURE is "A BIRD IN THE HAND" and this is my entry. I have had such fun working on this but also such a fight with myself! This is the piece that prompted the question I asked a few days ago about using stickers!

As you can see from the pic below I went ahead and used them and I hope you will agree that they do fit into the piece quite nicely after I sanded them and added dots!

Every chicken needs a face!!

This is a small canvas that I worked on seperately and then glued in place.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


THEME THURSDAY challenge is "MAKE AN ATC" here is mine!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Today I went to an art journalling class at Paddys Stamping Place in Prestwich taught by SARAH ANDERSON I had a lovely time messing with paints, inks, stencils, stamps, papers etc etc, it will be days before my hands are clean again!!

Art journalling is something I have mixed thoughts on...........I like the idea of just working for myself, doing what I like and not worrying about what anyone else thinks but on the other hand I'm not about to share my deepest darkest thoughts in a book that someone might pick up and read..........noooooooo, those thoughts are mine and are staying that way!!

However I have no problem working on a page about why I HATE MOTHS!! Or why I LOVE HALLOWEEN (not that I really know why) or why I like AUTUMNAL COLOURS and so that is what MY art journal will be about............the things I love or hate or fascinate me or intrigue me

This is the only page I finished! I was working with some die cut trees that Sarah had brought along and the phrase "deep dark woods" came into my head and wouldn't go away so it ended up on the page.
Now, the actual writing bit made me nervous..............what if I did it wrong, what if I hated it after I had done it, what if, what if
...........till in the end I was driving myself nuts and decided, with encouragement from Sarah, to just go for it and in the end I loved the way it came out!
The shadows are provided by charcoal pencils..........I NEED me some of those! Off shopping tomorrow!

After I did the writing bit on the first page I decided to go for it and started this page! NO WHERE near finished yet but I like it so far!!

The following pages are all only part done and are in reserve for when inspiration strikes, though I bet you can't guess what might end up on the striped one??!!

Monday, 20 July 2009


TMTA theme today is the "MOON". I couldn't decide which of the ideas I had I liked best so I made them both!!
The moon on the top one is made with air dry clay and coloured with alcohol inks and Memories black re-inker.
Backgrounds on both ATCs are alcohol inks.
Both stamps are
Stampers Anonymous (available in the UK from The Stamp Attic)

Sunday, 19 July 2009


I had so much fun with the READY STEADY STAMP challenge that I decided to have another go!
This piece also fits into my occasional pre- HALLOWEEN posting!

The quote on the vintage postcard image reads:

Avoid grinning black cats on full green moon,
If your lover is true he'll come back soon
It breaks the charm the witches scream
And never return till next Halloween

A Question.......

"EDIT" Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer my question, I read each one with interest. I think the general opinion seems to be that it is fine to use stickers as part of a piece as long as they fit in with, I have gone ahead and used them!! I will be posting the piece later this week so you will be able to judge whether you think I was right or not!!

Ok, this is something I have been pondering over all weekend and decided I would ask other peoples opinions on it! It's pretty silly really but here goes.

I have been working on a mixed media piece over the last few days and am very pleased with the way it is coming along. Yesterday I got to a point where I wanted to add some words to it and was thinking about how to do that.
I have a box of alphabet sticker sheets from years ago and decided to have a look through them, found some that fit the style of the piece but I can't bring myself to use them as I feel that stickers are cheating!!! Having spent so much time working on the rest of the piece to then use stickers seems wrong!
So, next thought was to use words cut from an old book, that idea sits quite happily with me but what is the real difference between that and the stickers??

See, told you it was silly but I just can't get the thought that stickers are cheating out of my head!

So, the question is:


I'd be grateful if any of you have the time and/or the inclination to give me your opinions on this!

Friday, 17 July 2009



PAPERBAG STUDIOS has the theme of HOME for the July stamp challenge.

I have been working on these pieces for the challenge over the last couple of days and finally got them finished yesterday. They are photographed in my garden hanging from the barbed wire wreath that hangs on the back of my shed door. It is looking a little more friendly at the moment as it has a tendril of honeysuckle growing around it!



Thursday, 16 July 2009


While I was making the Ready Steady Stamp piece yesterday I decided to continue the play session and make another piece using the same techniques. The tree stamp I used is from one of the CHARACTER CONSTRUCTIONS sets I got recently from THE STAMP ATTIC, as is the owl in a pinny (how sweet is that image!??) and the bee, and I was dying to play with them so this gave me an excuse!

So, here is the result............BONSOIR!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Today sees the start of a new challenge blog..........READY....STEADY....STAMP. It is run slightly differently than a lot of other challenge sites in that you are given a set of "ingredients" that you have to include in your piece. Today you have to include a cat or a dog, use the faux batik technique, a piece of old book page or journal, the colours gold and black and use three different brads.

So, here is my piece...........the gold is not too evident, it is a very small amount around the edge of the text paper in the corner and also one small gold brad!

My cat is not an ordinary's a BIG CAT!!

Click the photo for a closer view, it was hard getting a good scanned pic of this piece.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


When playing BINGO you have to shout HOUSE when all the numbers on your card have been called out..........or so I am told, I have never played myself!! So, I thought a bingo house (or two) was quite appropriate for CRAZY AMIGOS theme of BINGO this week.

The long leggedy bird is by STAMPOTIQUE and the flowers from STUDIO 490........both from THE STAMP ATTIC

Love these crow stamps from LOST COAST DESIGNS. Leaves are from STUDIO 490.....available from THE STAMP ATTIC

Sunday, 12 July 2009


A few days ago I saw that INKURABLE STAMPERS had for their July theme ALTERED PLAYING CARDS.
As I have just read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland again for my book group that was first thing that came to mind; so here is my ALTERED ALICE CARD BOOK.

The pages are made from big playing cards, each one embossed with a Cuttlebug folder, coloured with black paint and Stazon inks and then mounted onto black card........mainly because some of the cards didn't stand up that well to the embossing and they were falling apart!
Each page then decorated with Alice images.

The pages are held together with yet more (smaller) playing cards folded and glued together to make hinges.






This weeks theme on WINTER WONDERLAND is CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Here is my entry.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


The theme on INCHY BY INCH this week is BUILDINGS. I'm pretty sure this isn't what was intended but it's my take on the theme!! The inchie is the heart in the building!
The stamps are all from INVOKE ARTS FUNKY HOUSES set available from THE STAMP ATTIC.


The theme on WEDNESDAY STAMPER today is COLOURFUL. Hopefully this qualifies!! The bright colour is Stazon on semi glossy card; the background is also Stazon, it is what was transferred onto the piece of the background paper that I always have underneath my work, I thought it looked particularly nice today!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Below is the sample for the next workshop I will be teaching at Paddys Stamping Place in Prestwich, near Manchester. Its called

The dates are 15th and 25th of July. If you would like to come along please call Paddy on 0161 798 5115 to book a place.


I have known Wendy over at The Stamp Attic for many years and we are good friends. I have always made samples for her, I have taught the o0ccasional workshop for her and we have worked together on several magazine projects but we decided it was time to make it official so I am now officially on The Stamp Attic Design Team!!
As such this is my first DT piece for her.........a very simple project but it showcases the beautiful Bazzill glazed card very nicely!! I also used the bird and tree inchies sets from INKADINKADO.

I am also entering this box for the CREATED BY HAND challenge this week where the theme is INCHIES.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


I have been making Halloween cards lately so why not Christmas cards??!!

I spotted a new Christmas challenge blog called WINTER WONDERLAND a couple of weeks ago and today decided to have a play and join in (better than watching the Tour de France on TV I can tell you!).
The theme this week is CHRISTMAS PAST so it gave me chance to use my all-time favourite Christmas stamp.........St Nick from Stampington, along with a Tim Holtz stamp of old style advertising.

I tied a couple of little jingley bells onto the holly leaf stems as a reminder of berries and added a metal tree decoration.

I've had these metal holly leaves for years and these are the last two!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009


This is very minimalist for fact my husband just passed comment on that fact and said "why couldn't I work like that all the time........think of the money you'd save on ink!!!"

The funky person is a HOME IMPRESSIONS stamp from the FUNNY PEOPLE set, the border and heart are hand drawn.
HOME IMPRESSIONS stamps are now available here in the UK from THE STAMP ATTIC.

In case you were a word from Gullivers Travels. I have been using an old copy when I want some text for a project and that word keeps on popping out at idea what it means, I just like it!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


This week the challenge on Mixed Media Monday is PLAYFULL ART DOLLS.
I wasn't going to join in this week but then earlier today I was working on something else and had this clay face left over and it set me thinking.
So, here is my ART DOLL.

The clay (air dry) face was coloured with alcohol inks, dripping it on meant the ink settled in the cracks and crevices.

The black ink wasn't quite dry on the crown when I dropped the alcohol ink over it but never mind, that doesn't worry me!!