Monday, 29 March 2010


Today saw three friends Sarah, Helen and Chris arrive for a play/get together day. We were sitting quite happily chatting and drinking coffee when I got an emergency call from my Dad which meant I had to abandon them in my house with quick instructions as to where coffee etc was! About an hour later I came back having done my good deed for the day to find them happily ZENTANGLING at my table! Needless to say I quickly joined in and we had several more hours of fun.

These are my results which I have to say I am really pleased with having not done this before!

Below is my final piece which I don't think really counts as zentangle, more traditional doodling but I really like this one!

Thursday, 25 March 2010


As things continue to be hectic here in the run up to my move I find I have less and less time to create and to play and I really miss it!
A couple of evenings ago I decided I needed a play fix so I got out a box of saved postage stamps and sat and went through them and pulled out all the bird themed ones I could find.
Then I created a painty/inky background on a journal page, let it dry and then glued the bird stamps to it in a rough square.

Next came a layer of gesso that was sort of dried with a heat gun, then rubbed over with a couple Distress ink colours, again roughly dried and then more gesso and again sort of dried. Next I took a baby wipe and rubbed off some/most of the gesso to reveal the birds to a greater or lesser extent. Some rubbed away more than others but that was OK, I like a distressed finish!
A bit of outlining, some words from an old book added, extra colour stencilled through sequin waste and I am really pleased with the result.
Hope you like it too!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I don't usually like to use my blog for stuff like this but when needs must!!

I am having a sale of craft stuff that I can't take with me and I think I can live without!!

Lots of stamps all at £1 no matter the size.........sets of stamps a little more.............and all sorts of other "stuff".
There will also be a "free to a good home" table!

If anyone would be interested in calling in it's this coming Friday and Saturday 26th and 27th March, no set times. I might even manage tea and coffee!

If interested send me an email and I will give you the address but so you have a rough idea I am in Crewe in Cheshire.

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Have not had anything to blog for the last several days, my work room is a disaster zone at the moment as I try to sort it out ready for leaving for Kazakhstan and it's not very inspiring! I walk in, look at the mess and walk out again!
However yesterday I decided that I had to do something, was getting withdrawal symptoms, so hauled some stuff out into the kitchen and the above journal pages are the result. They are actually a double page spread and sit side by side but were too big for the scanner!
Funnily they are NOTHING like I set out to do! Might play with my original idea later today.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


ALICE is everywhere just now, no big surprise there!!
SUNDAY STAMPER run over on HELS SHERIDANS blog had the white rabbit (or Alice) as the theme this weekend so I decided to make this little collage using some old and some new stamps.
The Jabberwocky J stamp is from STAMPERS ANONYMOUS the Mad Hatter is from TJ DESIGNS and the rabbit (though I think it's a hare really) is from A CAPELLA

Friday, 5 March 2010


These two pieces are meant to be side by side as they are a double spread in quite a big journal (wouldn't fit under the scanner!) but blogger in its wisdom seperated them and put them one under the other....gggrrr!! why does it do that????

Ok moan back yesterday from two days of workshops with
DINA WAKELY. Dina was teaching at ART FROM THE HEART studio which is in HARROGATE .....home of BETTYS TEA ROOMS.....can't go to Harrogate and not go to we did.......Ok, getting side tracked!.......AFTH run by DYAN REAVELEY

These are some of the pieces that I made in the two days.........of course I am only showing you the ones I am pleased with so far, some of these still need some more work but there are several that need lots more work on them! But that's OK, that's what a workshop is all about!

Monday, 1 March 2010


Here is my MARCH CALENDAR PAGE, my unofficial entry for the 365 calendar challenge being run by Kate over on THE KATHERINE WHEEL.
I have managed to keep up so far but I am thinking that from now on, as the move gets closer, that I will fall behind but I'm not going to worry about it, I can always play catch up later!

I make no apology for using the ALICE and MAD HATTER images again on this, have to make the most of it when fav things are around! I did want to use tickets for the days on this page but could not get 31 of them to fit on the page after I had drawn the border! Oh well, save them for another month.