Sunday, 25 April 2010

What a trip!

Since I arrived home on Wednesday I have been so tired I have not been inclined to make anything so I don't have any of my own art to show you so I thought I'd give you a mini travelog.

Before I went to Mexico I wasn't sure what I was going to like most. Was it going to be the gob smacking archaeological sites...........above and below is TIKAL (in Guatemala)

This is PALENQUE.......

and this is Teotihuacan just outside of Mexico City

or the plant and animal life.............Coatimundi at Tikal.....

fabulous cactus as big as trees.........

and gorgeous flowering trees............or the art

fun skeleton stuff outside a shop in Oaxaca.......I loved this!!....

Aztec calendar (apparently it's not a calendar at all) in the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City

Diego Rivera murals in the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City............all these things were above and beyond my expectations.

What I didn't like was:

13 hour flight from Guatemala to Madrid
6 hours in a queue to be told there was nothing the airline would do to help
26 hours on a coach from Madrid to Calais
ferry crossing to Dover
more coach to Gatwick
train into London
train home!!!!!!
I finally arrived back late on Wednesday afternoon instead of on Sunday. However I count myself lucky compared to a lot of other people who were trying to get home at the same time. I have to say a big thank you to the company we travelled with EXPLORE who were fantastic in organising the coach and ferry crossing for us and getting us home safely.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


I had planned on a journal page to blog today but an emergency call from my husband for more paperwork for our Kazakhstan move while I was in the changing rooms of Marks and Spencers put paid for that! After four hours of trying to sort things out I was losing the will to live never mind create and blog!!!

So, I am off to Mexico tomorrow for two weeks of R&R, I can't wait to get on that plane! Watch this space after April 19th for pics of my adventures!!

Take care till then!!