Saturday, 18 December 2010


or is that just silly!!!

 I've had this page part done since last weekend but couldn't decide what else to put on it..........then the "catch a falling star" song came into my head and wouldn't go away! I took a bit of license and changed "rainy" for "snowy" and it fitted perfectly.......well apart from the snowman not having a pocket!!

 I used a big die cut star as a mask to make the star background for the snowman and rather than waste it I used it on this crow page in my little passport sized bird book.
The snowman page is also in a passport sized book.......I bought two!! It is quite fun working on a smaller scale.

 The small stars were on the same die cut so I used the hole to stencil the small stars on this page and three of the actual small stars for the hanging stars on the snowman page.
Waste not want not!!

 The crow stamp is from LOST COAST DESIGNS.


Helen said...

I love these pages, especially the snowman one! Very appropriate for today, too.

Sarah A said...

Love it, I wonder if they do have pockets?? haha!

Very resourceful use of the stars too.

Sarah x

Willy said...

Stunning pages, Sue! Great use of the stars.

Deborah said...

Love the pages, especially the snowman in his funky hat!

Sid said...

Hey, fab and your snowman is just putting one of those falling stars in his back pocket I'll have you know !!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

love your snowman page, and he does have a pocket thats why his hand is behind him :)

Sandy said...

Wow your pages are wonderful Sue.
Fantastic design and quote. Love them.

Nigel said...

If he doesn't have a pocket he should ditch the stick, get a placard - "Free pockets for all" and go and picket the pocket shop.

Love the crow page. I'm now the proud owner of the other crow stamp thanks to Santa :)

janita mantel said...

i love all your art, you must make a book of it.

Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful pages and an adorable Snowman!