Friday, 24 December 2010


You may have seen this Youtube thing already, it's doing the rounds but it is so funny I thought I'd share it here!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I am probably not going to get around to blogging again till the New Year so I hope you all stay safe and warm over the festive period.


G Peplow said...

Hi Sue, Happy Christmas to you. Loved the video it made me laugh out loud, Thanks :0) xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Just love it Sue, so, so funny. I'm still smiling now :) Merry Christmas my friend, and have a fabulous new year :)

Sarah A said...

Love the video, very clever and funny!

Have a wonderful time with friends and family.

Sarah x

Nigel said...

Brilliant video, hope you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year

Sid said...

All the best to you Sue !!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Merry Christmas, Sue. I loved the video and plan to share it with my family. Thanks, and happy holidays.