Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sweetest little baby face?

I've got the bookmaking bug again at the min!!
 I've spent all day making this one.....blame it on the rain.....I was planning on being on the allotment but that idea was washed away!!

 I had these book covers lurking around......they had been something else and were looking a bit moth eaten! 
That's OK, I like to recycle!

 They became this.

 I love the way the ink soaked into the pre-existing stitch holes.......I used the inside of the original book covers as the outside of the new book

 The faces were stitched onto seperate pieces of card and then inserted with more stitching into holes in the pages

 Faces added along the page edges so they peep round the edges and from under the cover

Sweetest little baby face!


Effie said...

Wonderful stuff!

Siobhan Brignull said...

Im loving this book sue, suitably stylish with a sue roddis twist

Sid said...

What a fab piece of inspirational art Sue !! Ooooerrrr lots of bay faces !!

Carol Q said...

OMG Sue - aren't they horrific? fabulous!

Sandy said...

How fun and gorgeous is this ???
This is a fabulous book. Very creative Sue.

Palma said...

That is fantastic and i love the textures created where the ink was absorbed.

~*~Patty S said...

This book really speaks to me Sue...Love everything about it!

Hermine said...

How could I missed this one, its fantastic!