Thursday, 17 March 2011

A girl in a red hood

and a big bad wolf.
A while ago I saw a post on MICHELLE WARDS BLOG  about LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and it set me thinking, here is the result!

 It is definately inspired by the products I saw lying on Michelles work desk!

 Paper these, will use them again!!

So, other Red Riding things........there is a film......RED RIDING HOOD.....due out in's on my films to see at the cinema when I get home list............

and this book...... 
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by DANIEL EGENEUS...... is on my to buy from Amazon when I get home list.......the illustrations look FABULOUS!!


pearshapedcrafting said...

Red Riding Hood, now there's a gal!
I used to love the story as child but when Tony Ross wrote his version I used to love reading it aloud to schoolchildren. I love the colours and textural look of your piece - might go and buy some doilies later.

Ellie said...

Love the colours on this piece, I've been using doilies recently , it's interesting to see how you've used them.

Sid said...

Looking great Sue !!

michelle ward said...

Sue - I tried to comment earlier but got caught in comment-limbo!

Terrific spread! Love how you captured the dark side of the fairy tale. Love your layered patterns. Love that you were inspired by my studio table :) Love that you also used Big Bad Wolf, not part of Red Riding Hood, but from The Three Little Pigs! I'm *still in the hood*, having fun spinning off on the theme. Saw the movie over the weekend. I won't tell you who the wolf is *grin*. It is a beautifully shot film - very Twilight-ish (smae director, duh).