Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bleeding hearts

and Celandines and Fritillaria.....Snakes Head in particular.........are three of my fav flowers around at this time of year.......and I have them all in my garden.

 A big clump of Celandine which is a member of the Buttercup family...........although I love this plant it does have a mind of its own and I have loads all over the rest of the garden that I will have to pull up!
 A nice dark version that is not so invasive!

 Bleeding Heart or Dicentra Spectabilis.....I like the way the weird shaped flowers hang along the stem......and that it flowers so early when everything else is still just getting going
 Snake's Head Fritillaria......I LOVE this plant.....I mean just look at that colour and the chequered pattern is beautiful.
I also love the work of Charles Rennie of my fav paintings of his is one of Fritillaria!!
I do miss my garden when I'm in Kazakhstan.......I was surprised just how much!! It is nice to be back in it!


olive said...

welcome home Sue, see you soon. xxx

Nigel said...

I love fritil frital snake's heads (even if I can't spell it). They are so delicate, and so beautifully coloured.

Welcome back.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Wow Sue look at that Celandine it looks absolutely stunning. Your Bleeding Heart is so far in advance of mine, my flowers only just coming in bud and the Snakes Head Fritillaries are superb. Cannot wait to see it tomorrow if these pictures are anything to go by. Tracy x

Sid said...

Simply the Fritillaria, looks almost unreal !!

JoZart said...

Oh to be in England now that Spring is here! Welcome home!
Dicentra to me is "Lady in a Bath Tub"... .hold a flower upside down and draw apart the pink petals to reveal the lady in an old fashioned tub.... my daughters, when little, loved to see this!
JoZarty x

Effie said...

Fabulous... the only thing out in the frozen north is daffs!

johanna said...

oh my, seems your spring is weeks ahead compared with here... LOVE these flowers (have them in my garden, too - but not blooming that richly!!) and your pics are just gorgeous!!!!!!

Piddawinkle said...

I love the snakes head as well, difficult to grow planted some bulbs one year and 6-7 years later we had a flower, LOL

Katie said...

wow! Ihave never seen this Snake's head flower. That is amazing! Nice photos of all the flowers.

Susan Allan said...

SHFs don't look real do they...more like some alien life-form?

I love them too!