Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Rodeo Drive

is not for me........give me a bit of culture and history over pretentious shops and over priced clothes any day!
Bearing that in mind today we had a free day here in LA so Wendy and I headed for 
EL PUEBLO DE LOS ANGELES........the site of the first settlement founded in 1781 which eventually became Los Angeles.
 This is the AVILA ADOBE built in 1818 and is the oldest standing residence in Los Angeles.

 Now......don't get me wrong I like shopping!!!! Just not Rodeo Drive shopping........this is the market stalls that line OLVERA STREET.........much more my type of thing......I got silver skull earrings!
.....enough skulls and skeletons to satify even my skull fetish!!! The colours are incredible!!

 lunch in a Mexican restaurant......Chile Rellenos.....chillies stuffed with cheese.....yum!!

This is LA IGLESIA DE NUESTRA SENORA REINA DE LOS ANGELES......The Church of our Lady of the Angels...........
with a beautiful mural outside.


Helen said...

I am with you on the shopping! (Mind, not having the money to go with the overpriced shops may be something to do with it!) Love those skulls...

Sarah said...

Your first sentence had me nodding vigorously. In fact at the weekend as I was going through my blog reader and reading about everyone’s first day in LA, some were off down Rodeo Drive, and you went to the tar pit museum, and I turned to my other half and said “If I ever go to CHA I’m going with THIS girl” 

I just can’t understand why anyone would cross to the other side of the world and waste their time shopping for clothes and handbags, surely you can do that at home. But each to their own! (That Mexican market looks brilliant though!)

Artyjen said...

The market does look good...and yes much more my style than RD!
Love the covered terrace for lunch
xoxo Sioux
Thanks for sharing

Margaret said...

Thank you for taking us on your trip! the skulls are amazingly colourful! Enjoy, enjoy! M

WW said...

I would have been sooo happy shopping with you in this place!! I just adore skellies...and the pics showed some truely awesome samples!!