Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lewis Carroll birthplace

On Tuesday I finally managed (after planning to go several times) to get to ALL SAINTS' CHURCH in DARESBURY near Runcorn in Cheshire. You might wonder why I wanted to go there?
  Daresbury is the birthplace of LEWIS CARROLL (born CHARLES LUTWIDGE DODGSON) the author of ALICE IN might have worked out that I am an ALICE fan!!!
The church has a stained glass window in the DANIELL CHAPEL commemorating its connection with Lewis celebrate the centenary of his birth in 1932 a memorial fund raised the money for the window which was made by GEOFFREY WEBB and dedicated in 1935.

 The panels along the bottom of the window contain words from a poem written by Lewis Carroll found tucked in the back of a copy of Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

It was well worth the visit......the window is beautiful.......I plan to go back later in the year particularly as the building of a small musuem attached to the church is planned.


Sarah said...

Oooh fab

We made a similar pilgrimage last year, in relation to my step son’s hero rather than my own, to a church in Glos where the Rev W Awdry was the vicar, and therefore they have a Thomas the Tank Engine stained glass window. The Alice one looks great!

I’ll have to remember that in case we are ever close to it on one of our rare trips ‘oop North’

Sid said...

You live and learn Sue, never knew that that window existed.....until now, that is !!

Helen said...

What a stunning window - I adore stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals particularly, this is an absolute beauty.

Anonymous said...

well you mentioned it a few times...glad you finally got there. Worth the trip too, amazing window.

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Beautiful, beautiful stained glass. I love the story behind the church. How cool.

olive said...

I wish I'd known, you could have come for tea as I only live 5 mins away....... it is a great place to visit. Didnt know about the museum, must watch out for that. Hugs xxxx

Lynne Phelps said...

Sue, I am SO GLAD you made it, and just think, you heard about it from a certain Yank!!! Thanks SO MUCH for posting these fabulous pictures! The ones on the church's site are too small to see all the details of the bottom panels! Oh, how I hope to get there one day!