Monday, 11 March 2013

We're all mad here!

March is the month of mad hares!
 So I decided to have a go at painting some! I dont consider that I can draw......I know there is the thing that every one can draw in their own style and I get that but when I draw I more often than not don't like what comes out so I don't see the point.......however these were such a simple shape even I managed them!

 It's a good job I like a naive/folk art look cos that's how they came out!



olive said...

Sue, I love your march hares, brilliant as any one elses, perhaps better. xx

SanDee1899 said...

Just amazing and wonderful! Love it a lot!!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Haha! LOVE!

Effie said...

.... Well.. They just made me smile!

Sid said...

They look almost human Sue ! Well from where I am looking anyway.

Love 'em !

Katie said...

They worked perfectly!

Nigel Roberts said...

I couldn't possibly comment on the title, but it's a wonderful page - maybe even cute ;)

Sheilagh said...

Marvellous Mad March Hares.
Love Them.

Sheilagh :)

Cenya Eichengreen said...

Love the Hares. I also stress about my drawing abulity.

~*~Patty S said...

Happy March to you Sue!
I agree with what you said about not liking what I draw
your hares are really wonderful

we are each our own worst critics I think ;)

Kim Andersen said...

Happy looking little hares .... I love the naive/folk art look :)

Deborah said...

They have such brilliant expressions :-)