Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Random desk shots

and a sneak peek:)
Not a lot of art going on here just now cos there is other "stuff" going on! 
Can't tell what the "other stuff" is just yet but will tell when I can:)

So, to keep my blog looking like I care about it I thought I'd give you a few random shots of my desk and surroundings plus a sneak peek of something that is made but I want to wait till later in the month to share completely!

First the sneak peeks:)

 Can you tell what it is yet???

And then the random desk shots!

Be back soon!


Effie said...

Interesting..... Legs and drippy blood!

Kim Andersen said...

Rather goth and gory in true Jabberwocky fashion .... And your desk looks rather tidy considering how much mayhem is born there :)

Gráinne said...

Haha, love it! Great pics ... Suzanne