Monday, 25 March 2013


 There is a bit of a new thing going on in the art journal world......a craze for doodling! It is being led by Dawn DeVries Sokol with her book 
 my copy is on it's way!
While I am waiting for my copy of the book I thought I'd have a bit of a doodle in my "going places" journal.........a few weeks ago I went to a talk by Chris Beardshaw at my local garden guild in Nantwich. I hung onto to my ticket to remember the event by......the doodling was good fun.
 The background of the page I did with coloured pencils, I don't use them very often but I liked the effect......I then doodled over the top and around the ticket with marker pens, more crayons and a white gel pen.

Everyone can doodle.......I quite often do it while on the, nothing to be scared of.....why not have a go:)


Helen said...

You doodle beautifully, and in colour too!! Love it - and of course Chris Beardshaw is pretty fab too, so well worth remembering the evening!

thekathrynwheel said...

Oooh loving your creative doodling :-) And thanks for the mention (funny thing is, my school exercise books looked just like this LOL)

Roberta said...

Very doodle-icious!

Sid said...

Looks great Sue !