Friday, 29 March 2013

Hopping down the bunny trail?

And other such Easter nonsense leads me to say
Here is my Easter offering.......eggs, a cross, a rabbit.....what more could you want?

I love myth and legend and symbolism so this is my homage to all things Easter.

Had to get an altered doll in there bunny girl:) 
I read the blog of Terri Windling, an American author (her book The Wood Wife is one of my fav books) and illustrator living in Devon ......she draws the most beautiful bunny girls, they inspired this bunny girl doll.

 I used clay to make her ears.........

and doesn't she look cute with her paintbrush bristle whiskers.


Sid said...

Loads going on there Sue, bunny girl looks amazing !

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

I absolutely love this Sue, the cross, the doilies, the egg, the bunny baby, INSPIRED piece and so well crafted. I love how you did her whiskers from a brush. HAPPY EASTER my friend. Tracy x x

Deborah said...

Love your take on Easter, Sue, very you :-)

Effie said...

Just one word..... Fabulous.

Kim Andersen said...

You have taken the symbolism over the top and pushed it over the edge my dear :) .... All you need is a few jelly beans and chocolates