Monday, 30 September 2013

Sugar babe

 I found this keyring dolly for sale the other day.....with my very limited supplies here it is nice to know I can continue with my doll altering fetish:) Though I did notice yesterday that the dolls seem to have disappeared, hopefully they will re-appear as I could do with a couple more!

 So, after getting rid of the naff clothes and most of the hair I discovered that you can remove the painted on eyes etc with nail varnish remover and that the remaining hair can be pulled out with leaves a line of holes but that's no big deal!

 Then I set to painting and adding details with markers....I only have red, black and yellow but they are my favs so that's ok!
 Now she looks like this!!!


Deborah said...

Brilliant Dia de los Muertos doll - a vast improvement on the original!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

What a transformation, love your doodling with the markers and the colours work so well on this piece. Hope you are both well. Tracy x x

Effie said...

Great makeover!

hazel said...

A brilliant makeover - I love it.
xxx Hazel.

herminesplace said...

This is so cool!

Gay Peplow said...

Tee hee, she is gorgeous!!1 Lovely transformation!! :D