Friday, 13 September 2013

London and Manchester

On Tuesday I was in London, I spent the morning in Trafalgar Square. It had been quite some time since I had been there.......I found it quite photogenic:)

 The big blue chicken is the latest art installation on the Fourth it or hate it!

Today I went to Manchester to the Victoria Baths.....opened in 1906 and closed in 1993 after which it fell derelict

 there were three entrances....males 1st class.....males 2nd class and females. 
Inside there were three pools for the three different classes, apparently the water from the 1st class males was pumped out and passed through a simple sand filter into the 2nd class male pool and from there eventually into the female pool. The price of entry into the pools depended on how clean the water was, the dirtier it was the cheaper the entry:)

 the female pool........

 changing cubicles......

 lily stained glass inside a changing cubicle......

 incredible stained glass in the Turkish Bath

 no colour in this piece but still beautiful

 this window is in the clock tower where only the guy who wound the clock once a week would see it

 green tiled stair balustrade

 wall tiles

An incredible place, well worth a visit.


Sid said...

The baths are fab aren't they Sue !

Gay Peplow said...

WOW Wonderful photographs :D It's amazing at the baths, fabulous decor and such detail, what a shame it is derelict :( You really do get to visit some great places, TFS Gay x