Sunday, 22 September 2013


 I am now in Almaty in Kazakhstan!! While here I am staying in an apartment on the 12th floor of the cream building with blue windows in the above pic!
 This is the view from the balcony outside the kitchen......the building just to the right of the centre is where my husband works
 and if I zoom in just to the right of that building you can just see the tops of the cathedral among the trees!
 Out for breakfast yesterday and spotted this "sculpture"......opinion is divided, Stuart thinks it looks like a car crash!
Almaty has lots of fountains.....this one was just behind the car crash!!
OK, that's all for now! I am sure I will bore you with more pics over the next few weeks!!


Sarah Anderson said...

Gosh that took a bit of doing, getting back to Almaty! Glad you finally made it though, hope your luggage did :)

Carol Q said...

Never boring Sue. I always enjoyed your previous pics to Almaty and Kazakstan. Looking forward to more.