Saturday, 13 April 2013

The usual suspects

This is a very simple way to make a's called a duct tape binding (if you search on Youtube there are lots of tutorials)....only thing is I had no duct tape and was too impatient to wait to go get some so I used brown parcel tape instead:)

Fasten the front and back covers together with tape....leave a small gap between them
 add some colour (paint) around the edges
 add the back cover image.......I used paper  decorated with ANDY SKINNER stencils
 add the front cover piece......this is an old book cover decorated with texture paste through the usual suspects stencil, then painted
 add more decorated papers inside the covers and then add pages.....I used watercolour paper from a pad and left the torn edges on
 they are VERY simple attached.....folded in half and held in place with a rubber band!! 
This means the pages can be easily removed to work on, add more or replace with new ones


Connie Rose said...

Great book. Simple is divine!

Seeing Things said...

Super simple, love it! Great that you can add pages as you make them.

Roberta said...

SImple is best sometimes.

Janet Ghio said...

Easy peasy!! Who knew...

Effie said...

Sometimes simple is best....a great little book.

Carol Q said...

love it Sue.

~*~Patty S said...

VERY cool and extra handy to be able to remove the pages easily too!