Thursday, 25 April 2013

1 day, 3 galleries

Today a friend and I went on a gallery crawl! 
Another friend had done the same trip a couple of weeks ago and so we were inspired to copy her!

 First stop was UNIT TWELVE near Stafford.......a lovely place tucked away on a farm in the beautiful Staffs countryside. There were some lovely things on display.....lots of are a few of them

 Next stop was SHIRE HALL GALLERY in the centre of Stafford where the current exhibition is called MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN by Lauren Van Helmond.....very quirky mixed media pieces

 the cafe at the Shire Hall is set on a balcony overlooking the exhibition space and has this lovely wood and stained glass doorway
now I did say we went to three galleries.....and so we did, the third one was GALLERY at 12 in Eccleshall......for some reason I had stopped taking pics at this point so have none of this place.....not sure why and it's very unlike me.....but it was very nice and well worth a visit!

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Sarah Anderson said...

And did you eat cake?!!!