Monday, 15 April 2013


 This is another page in my ART DOODLE LOVE book......this page is about taking inspiration from the shapes around you.......I like hearts and circles, among other things:)

 You are then meant to write around those shapes....I don't really do the writing thing so I used cut out words to express a lot of things I like or am inspired by and stuck them inside the hearts.

 And KATE if you are reading this.......this is me using more colour!!(we had a conversation about colour....Kate uses much more than me and we sort of agreed that on one page I would use more and she would use less) 
I have to say although I love seeing lots of colour on other peoples stuff I struggle with doing it myself......this page was actually a lot brighter to start with......I had used pencil crayons and it was just too bright for me so......I took an eraser and took out some of the colour......I like it much better:)


Sarah Anderson said...

lol, well I guess that might count that it originally had more colour ;) This page made me think of a whole heap of Love Hearts sweets :)

Anonymous said...

great spread!

~*~Patty S said...

Circle and hearts always speak to me too...
Your pages looks great Sue!
I admire you for stretching your creative muscles too by trying things out of your normal comfort zone

Kim Andersen said...

I'm usually cautious with color too - isn't it funny how we're all so different. I love it - it looks really fresh. I wonder how your friend fared with the challenge to use less color?