Thursday, 4 April 2013

Memories through

 treasures collected on a Suffolk beach.
We have a very good friend who lives in Suffolk so we get to go there quite's a beautiful part of the country full of open spaces and big skies and we love to walk when we are there. 
On our last visit (only a couple of weeks ago) we walked along a beach .....less said the better, it was shingle and VERY hard work walking in the rain......did I say we liked walking??......  I can't resist picking stuff up on beaches so stuffed some bits and pieces in my pockets. My husband groaned and said "more stuff to stick in a corner and throw out in a years time" so I was determined to do something with is the result!

Looking forward to the next trip.


Willy said...

What a great result, Sue!

Paula Whittaker said...

fab piece....beautifully assembled.

Effie said...

...what do husbands know! Love it.

butterfly said...

Fabulous creation from all your memories!
Alison x

~*~Patty S said...

Good for you making something out of your treasures Sue!
You've reminded me I have a muddy seashell in the trunk of the car that I should get out LOL
The fun of visiting anywhere is the gathering and rescuing I think!
Thank you for the inspiration

Sarah Anderson said...