Thursday, 28 February 2013

Doll face

 Yesterday was a good foraging day:)
 At a car boot sale in town I picked up all these dolls for just £4!! They were in a pretty sorry state, some of them were wet and mildewy and smelled pretty bad but once they were dismantled and washed they were better!

 I particularly liked these two as they are a bit, printed pics of them using my Poloroid Pogo printer and used them to make a quick journal page.

 It's not quite as pink as this in real life:)
 I used some painted pages that I had pulled out of another journal rather than chuck them in the bin......kept the binding edges, I like the way they look:)

 heating the pics with a heat gun made them change colour......I like the funky look it gave them:)

And finally a little can skip this bit if you like! 

One thing I hate about craft stuff is the inflated prices things get once they are associated with craft...... I used this little stapler to staple the pics in place....... it cost less than £2 from a high street stationer and the staples are the same size as the so called "tiny attacher" which costs anything from £12 upwards and is just a stapler....looks a bit fancier but is still just a stapler.....rant over:)


Effie said...

So many body parts.... And so little time!... I can imagine the fun you're going to have!

Sarah said...

basic demand economics - create a demand and inflate the perceived value with a fancy name and a higher price point, and watch them fly off the shelves. Canny business man that Mr Holtz :)

Have you seen the various YouTubes on how to manipulate the pogo pics? here's one:

it's a lot of fun, I have tried the soaking into layers one and heating them up, and scratching and dyeing.

I really ought to dig my pogo out actually, I haven't used it in a while.....

Julie Kirk said...

Oh I *love* these. I've never actually 'extracted' a doll's face from a doll before ... but it's worth thinking about.

I'm a bt of a head-shaped-things collector. [That would be a strange thing to say to some people, but I know *you'll* understand!]

Julie :-)

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great pages Sue, I love that you kept the binding edges in your pages and love how the colour changed lightly in the pics using your heat gun. Great lettering. Tracy x

blackdragon said...

What a wonderful find.... so many body parts to play with.
The 'page'.... love the fact you kept the original page edge, inspiring work as usual.

Artyjen said...

Here, here....I agree with your rant!
xoxo Sioux

hazel said...

What a great collection of body parts and brilliant pages.
xxx Hazel.

Carol Q said...

bet you were in heaven Sue. love these pages

Gráinne said...

Adorable! I love it ... Suzanne