Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Trying a different

style of journalling......well different for me anyway. 
 As you may know I LOVE being out and about, expoloring new places, seeing new things, and while doing those things I tend to collect leaflets, postcards, bits of crap or ephemera as it's also called:)
 In the past I have used some of those things to make journal pages but I end up with lots that never get used, stuffed in a bag and eventually months or years later gets chucked out.

So, after seeing THIS POST   (thanks for the inspiration Catherine) I decided I would  use the things I collect and make a journal with no stress on making it looking "arty" or clever or inky or painty.....that way it takes a shorter time to do the pages and I'm more likely to get it done!

So, I started with pages for a recent trip to London to visit 2 museums

 this page has a fold down flap that also acts as a pocket.........

 ....under the flap I stuck the intro to the exhibition

 cut pics from the exhibition booklet and these slot into the pocket

 the stuff from the second exhibition is on the opposite page

Next pages are a visit to Wenlock Priory in Much Wenlock

 on these pages I used some small pics printed with my Poloroid Pogo printer.....not used it in a while but will be more in the future

I do find this a harder way to work as the pages somehow don't quite look finished to me but I do like using the stuff I've collected so I am sure I will get used to it:)


Sarah said...

I have separate journals - in my travel journal I stick tickets and leaflets and things, and write more in a diary style about where we went and what we saw (and I also use a pogo printer if I am doing the actual journalling while we are away)

My art journal is totally separate and for the more creative stuff

This works well for me

I think your "travel journal" style pages still look pretty artsy though :)

Carol Q said...

I can see why you feel it's unfinished Sue but it's more like the old fashioned scrapbook - a record of where you've been and what you've done and it still looks good though very different. I would find that really enjoyable to look back at.

thekathrynwheel said...

Cool! It's like a smash book.

~*~Patty S said...

This is a great way to keep things together AND it looks fab in the process with your artsy touches!

Photocat said...

WWWOOOOO, YOU DID IT! It's not about artsy (even if it is), it's about making memory books I find. I made one last year too, and it was so nice to browse through it before our trip of this year.
It looks wonderful! I love the things you put in it, count on Sue to fit a skeleton somewhere. Bwwaahahahahah.
You did a great job! It's lovely to look at. And thanks for your kind words on my behalf. It feels so good to have inspired someone, does not happen often!
Well done!