Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tree decorations

 A little while ago my husband said "why don't you use some doll heads to make some decorations for the tree?" Honestly, he did, he likes my creepy doll head creations!!
 I said "ok, that sounds fun" and here are the results!

This one is my favourite:) I just love this black and white, creepy eyes look!

 I used one of my favourite things.......folded book pages.... for the base of this head

 And of course you need glitter for Christmas decorations.......didn't use much but you can just about see it here above the eye.

 Made this one can see the glitter on this one.

 A close up of what my husband calls her Borg was inspired by MICHELE LYNCH.......she puts things in her dolls eyes a lot and I like the idea so I borrowed it:)


Effie said...

Just one word.... Fabulous.

butterfly said...

Well... he asked for it! They're stunning - but as with Mark's version Baby Doll yesterday, I'm not sure I could sleep with them in the same room as me!!
Alison x

Deborah said...

Brilliant :-)

Dawn said...

Wow Sue, fantastic decorations my lovely. Lol would love to see the whole tree!
Dawn x

mark gould said...

hi, thanks for stopping by, these are awesome, I did not think about making tree decs from them, how cool is that? The black and white one is amazing, he looks so cool
Nice to know there are other people out there with the same sort of taste ;) LOL MARK X

Lisa Purcell said...

That is really cool.

johanna said...

now, these are the coolest!

Angelica said...

Love them all.....but I doubt that my son would let me hang them in our Christmas tree :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea of your husband, and you executed that idea so totally awesome

~*~Patty S said...

Each is quite splendid!
extra nice having support and cheering on by your better half too :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh WOW, I want to see pictures of your tree. Pretty please?
Cool Sue!
hugs Lynn