Friday, 2 November 2012

Winter is coming

 This page has been wandering around in my head for the past several days, it was time to get it out and into a journal, now I can stop thinking about it!

 I've had this skull/tree stamp for over 12 months, it was time it was used......I LOVE IT!
(the words aren't on the stamp, I added those)

 If you watch GAME OF THRONES the quote
 "WINTER IS COMING" will be even more significant!

 OK, confession time......while I was making this I thought I'd use a different alphabet than usual.....its easy to reach for the same one every time so I was rooting through drawers and even I was surprised how many alphabets I found:)

 2 drawers full of boxed alphas and another with unmounted ones, 
my name is Sue and I'm an alphabet addict!!


Creepy Glowbugg said...

Good to see you coming clean with your alphabet addiction. Mine is skull stamps, LOTS of skull stamps. Love the simplicity of your pages and the wonderful sentiment from Game of Thrones. When does that start up again anyway? I miss it. Might have to start the books to keep immersed in the story during the off season. I did that with The Walking Dead.

Artyjen said...

Great can never have too many alphabets! I'm the same with fonts on my computer!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Carol Q said...

I think I could get an addiction to skull stamps Sue. this one is fab - especially with the tree growing out of its head!

Tzi said...

...this is sooo cool! I love that page...and the Game of Thrones too!

Helen said...

Gorgeous skull work - and I love alphabets too!! You can't have too many....!

kimmie said...

ok - now I have some serious alphabet envy :)

Nigel Roberts said...

I must get around to watching game of Thrones one day.

Excellent page by the way.

Lisa Purcell said...

I really love this. What sort of journal did you use for this? Curious about what you do for your covers. Do you leave them plain?