Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Family tree houses

Last week was my monthly Embroiderers Guild meeting, the speaker was 
 She has done a lot of work involving demolition of old buildings in her local area and in that work she uses old photos inside the houses.......
I loved her work and this piece is completely inspired by her.

  I did something on these pages that I rarely do.......I wrote on them.

I used old family pics to make my is my Dad with my brother and I, all loaded on the bike ready to head off fishing........and the other is my Grandparents wedding pic

this is me with my Mum and Dad

 this is my 3 brothers standing on the back doorstep of the house we lived in as Mum is actually stood behind them but she got a bit lost in the gesso!

 Stylised tree

 I liked this streaky paint idea!

The middle house here shows my Grandma on her bike outside the house they bought in the 30's......she rode a bike into her 60's and my parents now live in that same house. The pic on the right is my Mum with her goes with the pic of my Dad off on the fishing trip.


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Love these pages Sue, the streaky paint is very eye catching and I love love how you have used the Vintwge images inside each house. A page to look back on over and over again . Love the stylised trees too, Great backdrop for the houses. Tracy x

butterfly said...

Stunning pages - the colour and detail in the background frames all those wonderful photos beautifully - utterly lovely!
Alison x

Ali H said...

Really like the mood and the execution of this page - never thought of using my old family photos in my journal - very inspiring ! Thanks for sharing ! Ali x

Anonymous said...


Nigel Roberts said...

Wonderful, it has just the right feel to it, as if it had been in an attic for years.

bockel24 said...

wonderful house pages, and I especially love the colour range here!