Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First Cut

Yesterday it was wet and cold (well, it is Winter) so what to do?
 I know let's go to Manchester Art Gallery and see the First Cut exhibition.

 I waited AGES to get this pic with no-one in it:)
These trees were hanging from the ceiling so they slowly moved around and you could walk between them

Remember this is all PAPER!  
 there was also


  a flock of birds



  a big black swirly thing

 and even a motorbike!

 There was work by Su Blackwell.......I love her work

And then there were skeletons and skulls:) 
I liked these!

Just to prove it's not just me with a skull obsession:)
It was a fabulous exhibition worth getting wet and cold for.......go if you get chance.


Sarah said...

looks fantastic!! pity Manchester is a bit of a trek from my part of the country ....

Andy skinner said...

Wow!... Love that motorbike and the Skellies!

inkypinkycraft said...

looks amazing..the motorbike is wonderful trace x

Gráinne said...

WOW! Of course I love the skeletons and skulls most, but the other things are awesome, too.

Helen said...

Fabulous and so clever... thanks for sharing as it's too far for me to get to.