Saturday, 25 February 2012

What a week

this week turned into ending with one heck of a day yesterday!! 
At the start of the week I was thinking I would be able to spend lots of time in my studio playing around but it just never happened!! I had a joiner upstairs fitting new door frames and doors.....what a noise he made, felt like the ceilings were coming down sometimes!!

 Then on Tuesday  decorators were meant to start, but called to say it would be Wednesday, no problem. So, they arrived Wednesday to start in the living room........all went well, everything got sheeted up etc etc and they started painting..............

looking good so far.............really pleased with the never quite know when picking from a tiny colour card........going to be finished in here tomorrow they say. 
So next day comes (Thursday) and they discovered a crack above the fireplace, so filled it, let it dry, sanded it, it re-appeared...........5 fillings and sanding later it was decided to let it dry overnight.

So next day (Friday) was meant to be just quick touch up over the crack but it's still there.......the plaster is moving so never going to be good............long story short...........they took the plaster and board underneath out making a hole in the wall.....which is now filled and drying ready to be painted on Monday!!
 In the midst of all this....... with the joiner still making hell of a noise upstairs.....oh the silence this morning is son announces he is moving out (I did know he was moving just not this week) on Friday and needs to get all his stuff from his room past the joiner and through where the decorators are........
 so, on Thursday night he moved most of his stuff out of his room into the kitchen, then on Friday he dismantled his bed and brought that down too, a mattress was propped up in the living room most of the day until he finally took it away in a van Friday afternoon. 
I got home at 9.30 last night from moving delicate stuff like TVs and computers in the car! 
To say I was tired last night is an understatement!!
 So, in the midst of the chaos in the house the frogs in my pond in the garden decided Spring had arrived and did their thing! I found this on Friday morning! 
Life goes on!!


Effie said...

All vey unsettling....but that colour looks lovely.

Siobhan Brignull said...

am amazed at neat stacking in one moving box and total mess in one above it!!!! sons aye :)
is he the last, will you miss him or got plans for his room already LOL

Carol Q said...

blimey Sue - I'm tired just reading that. he timed that well (as children always do lol)

Sid said...

Very chaotic I would say, it will be worth it in the end, that crack would have bugged you forever !!

Kathy said...

Don't you wonder how in the midst of the chaos your son could think, "Say. Today's the perfect day to to move!" LOL Sorry about the mess but it did make me crack a smile. Kids! Sheeshk. Love the color btw.


~*~Patty S said...

changes are definitely afoot at your house

that was quite a read
I am impressed that with all you have going on that you could write clearly about it :)

hope the dust settles for you soon ...the color you chose is lovely!

your son could be our son hah!

hang in there