Sunday, 19 February 2012

Do hares get inspected?

If they do, I have no idea what for!!!!!

 So, you might well ask why I put the INSPECTED thing on this page......I have no idea! I just know I like it and wanted to use it :)
The sticker came attached to a package that came through the post but I don't know what that was inspected for either!

 This page is made in my map journal............I have decided in this journal to just use red and great hardship as I really like that colour combination.......and to keep some of the map showing. I have to remember that as it's easy to get carried away and cover it up!


Sandy said...

Yeah this is extraordinary.
Stunning stencil work. Loev them Sue.

Effie said...

Just love those hares....fab pages

Sid said...

Fab images and super background Sue !! Enjoyed making the book too !

Siobhan Brignull said...

of course they get inspected, for nits .. LOL

Nigel said...

Perhaps they're inspected to make sure they have a regulation Hare-cut ;)