Friday, 23 September 2011


This past few months have seen big changes in my life.......moving back to the UK in June being the biggest one..............and these changes have prompted big sort outs here! We are about to start on some building work at the house and as you have seen I have been having a HUGE sort out of my home studio space........sooooo this leads me onto the purpose of this rambling...............
This SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 25th I am going to have a  
STAMP SALE combined with a  
FREE TO A GOOD HOME EVENT........I did this before I left for Kazakhstan and there is still more to go!!
Stamps are going to be SILLY prices!
I know it's short notice but I just realised how little time there is till the builders come in!
If you want to pop along and need the address email me.......I'm in Crewe in Cheshire just to give you a rough idea!

And just in case you thought my studio space was perfect...............

 this is the view of the other end of can see my desk on the left.......I have to share space with a fridge/freezer, washing machine, boiler and assorted shoes, coats and fishing equipment!
Such is life!!

This is the storage that sits to the right side of the pic above!


Kaz said...

Such a shame you live so far away from me as I'd use the excuse of the stamp sale to have a rummage through those drawers!! I'd also be wearing a coat with very big pockets! x

Netty said...

Oh blast why do you live so far away from me.

Photocat said...

let me know when the sale is on Sue... I will definitely step on your train! Have the car now, so can come over...