Monday, 20 September 2010

Captain Nemo

Does this ever happen to you? Once you see something once and then start thinking about it that same thing keeps popping up?
Well, that's what happened with this! I was "googling" Steampunk and JULES VERNE kept popping up, then I was down at THE STAMP ATTIC with SARAH and she pointed out an octopus stamp and said it would work for 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea so I bought it and then last week in an old book shop in Liverpool there were several copies of that very book for 20p so I bought one of them (that makes up for the full price M&B!).
At that point I thought "OK this is meant to be" and gave in, so here is my JULES VERNE 20,000Leagues Under The Sea inspired journal page!
 At the weekend a friend was looking through my journal and passed comment that it is very hard to tell what size things are on my blog (I think this is cos I crop close to the edges) so just so you know this journal is an A5 Moleskine (so opened out to a double page spread like above is A4).........and it is one of my fav journals!

It seems I have taken to this "print then cut into strips" method of adding words to my journal pages! Harking back to my previous post re: cliches........."making a rod for your own back" comes to mind! It does take some time and is fiddly but I like the way it looks!

OK so I realise that it is a squid in the story and this is an octopus but come on, it was a miracle to find a octopus stamp never mind a squid!!

This was actually the title page from the book I bought, the rest got lost under the other stuff but I kept the title and author wording.


Sandy said...

Wow what an interpretation for the story. Amazing work Sue. Love your pages.

Effie said...

Fabulous pages. I love it when it all comes together!

Sarah said...

uncanny! I blogged a CJ spread on 20,000 leagues under the sea just a week or two ago!

LOVE what you have done with it

Helen said...

More great journal pages. Just how many do you have on the go, or all they all in one?!

Carol Q said...

hoo hoo this page could keep me occupied for hours with all the different things going on to look at Sue. wonderful! I agree - it is very difficult to tell what size the pages sometimes and I also like this way of adding words to the page. although I like an unusual font too.

flutterbycrafter said...

Lots going on here, it's gorgeous, amazing work Sue

Sarah Anderson said...

Do you know,I've never read that book! Love those octopuses :)

Sarah A said...

Squid or Octopus who can tell the difference? Same way we probably all look the same to them lol!

Great page, love the story and the colours are perfect for an "under water" journal page!

Gald your amazing bargain made up fot the M&B price tag!

Sarah x

Beth Norman said...

Bravo. Such a beautiful layout. I love that octopus and how lucky you found a stamp. I completed a zentangle octopus myself and am having it made into a stamp for my steampunk book. Just attended a steampunk workshop by Ingrid Dijkers. I'd send you the link but I'll end up in your spam.