Thursday, 2 July 2009


This is very minimalist for fact my husband just passed comment on that fact and said "why couldn't I work like that all the time........think of the money you'd save on ink!!!"

The funky person is a HOME IMPRESSIONS stamp from the FUNNY PEOPLE set, the border and heart are hand drawn.
HOME IMPRESSIONS stamps are now available here in the UK from THE STAMP ATTIC.

In case you were a word from Gullivers Travels. I have been using an old copy when I want some text for a project and that word keeps on popping out at idea what it means, I just like it!!


Sid said...

Nice stuff !! I knew I had heard of the I know where !!

Lottie said...

I find it nigh on impossible to do 'simple' it is quite an art isn't it.

alcoholinky said...

ROFL your comment about Brobdingnag struck a chord Sue - I get stuck with words in the same way. Like your sparse card too!
Also meant to say great article in CS - got mine today. You have the most wonderful imagination.

Sarah Anderson said...

Oh well done you!!! Knew you must have it in you to do a 'simple' card! Love your drawings

Rosie said...

I love it Sue! The doodling goes so well with the image! I think these are excellent stamps to play with... =)