Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Today I went to an art journalling class at Paddys Stamping Place in Prestwich taught by SARAH ANDERSON I had a lovely time messing with paints, inks, stencils, stamps, papers etc etc, it will be days before my hands are clean again!!

Art journalling is something I have mixed thoughts on...........I like the idea of just working for myself, doing what I like and not worrying about what anyone else thinks but on the other hand I'm not about to share my deepest darkest thoughts in a book that someone might pick up and read..........noooooooo, those thoughts are mine and are staying that way!!

However I have no problem working on a page about why I HATE MOTHS!! Or why I LOVE HALLOWEEN (not that I really know why) or why I like AUTUMNAL COLOURS and so that is what MY art journal will be about............the things I love or hate or fascinate me or intrigue me

This is the only page I finished! I was working with some die cut trees that Sarah had brought along and the phrase "deep dark woods" came into my head and wouldn't go away so it ended up on the page.
Now, the actual writing bit made me nervous..............what if I did it wrong, what if I hated it after I had done it, what if, what if
...........till in the end I was driving myself nuts and decided, with encouragement from Sarah, to just go for it and in the end I loved the way it came out!
The shadows are provided by charcoal pencils..........I NEED me some of those! Off shopping tomorrow!

After I did the writing bit on the first page I decided to go for it and started this page! NO WHERE near finished yet but I like it so far!!

The following pages are all only part done and are in reserve for when inspiration strikes, though I bet you can't guess what might end up on the striped one??!!


Wendy Gale said...

so that's where you were LOL, must say wish I had been too.......this is lovely and looks such fun. If you are anything like me then you have all the thoughts in the world until you have to put pen to paper and then whooosh.....empty.

chris farnsworth said...

Looks like you had as much fun and inspiration on Tuesday as we had on Saturday! I agree with you about innermost thoughts, but why I like chocolate? No problem!
see you soon
Chris x

Anonymous said...

Looks like that was a really inspiring class, Sue, thanks for sharing some of your pages! I feel the same as you, I wouldn't feel entirely free to write out very personal things, but I love the look of journals when I see them.

Nigel said...

Wow! That looks brilliant.
I guess it's a little like the 12 questions we're working on at the Cubby Hole. I also prefer to keep some things hidden or they might scare me (never mind anybody else).
As for the hand thing, mine usually end looking like I smoke 80 a day after a workshop.

Sid said...

Sue, you seem to have embraced the idea of journalling very well even though you were a bit aprehensive to begin with. Anyway I like whay you did and the first page is fantastic !!

Sarah Anderson said...

You've all beaten me to blogging about this workshop! I'm worn out though so pics will have to wait til tomorrow. Still love that first page, and can't wait to see what you do with the stripes :)

Sarah Anderson said...

You've all beaten me to blogging about this workshop! I'm worn out though so pics will have to wait til tomorrow. Still love that first page, and can't wait to see what you do with the stripes :)

kjjc said...

ooo well done Sue on getting it on here so fast. Love your first page-even better irl. Looking forward to seeing what happens to your stripey page.

chris f said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for your kind comments - I'll bring my journal if you'll bring yours!! On Saturday that is. Haven't done a great deal more but tomorrow is a day off, so provided it rains and I can get away with not-gardening, I may get some more done. It's certainly addictive!
Chris x

Anne Jagger said...

Love your pages Sue. It was a fantastic class and very addictive - I'm hooked!

Lynn said...

Your journal page is super, I love autumn colors too. I was the same way when I took an art journal class I was afraid to write on it LOL, so I used pencil first just incase.
I am guessing Halloween for the striped page?

You have been so busy since my last visit which was just last week, and I am loving all your work:)

Rosie said...

Sue, I used to feel exactly the same about art journalling, so I just make apges now... If I have something on my mind it may well end up on a page, but there's always the option to hide it!
I don't really have a lot of angst to pour out onto a page, so my journalling is more about the page, although often something subconscious will come through!! It's just good to create, I find - oh and get messy, of course!!!

Barb said...

What I have found with art journaling is what really comes out of you that you did not expect.... your deepest thoughts that you were not aware of can show up in your art! Sometimes it is scary, but at least others may not catch on because it is not all spelled out for them.