Thursday, 16 July 2009


While I was making the Ready Steady Stamp piece yesterday I decided to continue the play session and make another piece using the same techniques. The tree stamp I used is from one of the CHARACTER CONSTRUCTIONS sets I got recently from THE STAMP ATTIC, as is the owl in a pinny (how sweet is that image!??) and the bee, and I was dying to play with them so this gave me an excuse!

So, here is the result............BONSOIR!


Sarah Anderson said...

What a fab playtime, bet you had a hoot doing this!!

There, you can have your pun back ;) It was so awful it made me smile x

kjjc said...

another superb creation.

Sid said...

Lovely stuff !!

Lynn said...

You are so talented and very good with stamps, this is beautiful, and yes I love the owl in the pinny :)

Luisa Migon said...

Bonsoir!!! :O)

Everything is beautiful, but the owl is so cute... :O)

Tova said...

Another beautiful work !