Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I had an absolutely fab time demoing down at The Craft Barn over the past weekend. It was very hectic and very tiring but great fun, everyone was great and I had lots of lovely comments about my work, always a nice boost to the ego! Thanks to those of you who stopped by to say hi!, and a special thanks to Rosemary (and Jenny who they originally belonged to) who gave me two carrier bags full of old dress patterns. These are fab for stamping on and for using in collages, covering boxes etc etc

Hopefully I am going to be back to demo again in September and also to teach some workshops at some point. Sandy and I have to work out the details for workshops but it would be great if we can organise something........the biggest problem is that I live so far away from The Craft Barn!

I will post dates on the blog when I have them so watch this space!!

So talking of workshops here is the sample for my next classes at Paddy's Stamping Place in Prestwich just north of Manchester, not the best pic in the world but hopefully good enough to give an idea! The first two dates for this workshop are 19th and 20th June (Friday and Saturday), if you would like to attend please call Paddy on 0161 798 5115


alcoholinky said...

this is "far out" Sue! Um - I have no idea what it is but I love it and the colours are gorgeous!

Sue said...

Hi - this is shy Sue - lol. I love this and those trees - I am so hooked. Wish I live nearer to Manchester. Thanks for your comment about my houses - hope you visit again ....

Sarah Anderson said...

Really looking forward to making all these trees on Friday :)

chrisg said...

Hi Sue
Lovely to meet you on Sat. - Its a shame I didn't know you were taking a class - I would have jumped at the chance - the finished product is so OOOH ...AHH Lol. Sorry i havent posted earlier but i have been busy cutting out my stamps and raring to get started. will be looking for when the next class is, you can surely count me in .. Thanks again for all your inspiration... regards