Monday, 10 June 2013

No words

For me the starting point of a journal page is often the words.....a quote, a poem, song lyrics......and the rest follows on. 
This weekend I wanted to make something but had no words in my head.....apart from "grow your own dope.....plant a man" but decided against that:)
So, I just started and let it develop.....I did have a new stencil (the flower one) that I wanted to use so that helped

 this is the result......
there is even a space right add words but nothing in there yet:)

 I did think about calling it "GARDEN OF DEATH" but decided against it as that would only re-inforce the impression that some have that I'm obsessed with death!
 I'm not, I just like the skull as an image and the symbolism it is used for.

 Bit of trivia......the background and header images for my blog are from a fresco by Finnish artist Hugo Simberg, it is called GARDEN OF DEATH!!

 The skull stencil is one of ANDY SKINNERS.

So, any word suggestions?


Darcy said...

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.

Love the colours and stencilling.

Renee said...

Gardens are all about life and death, aren't they? For everything there is a season.....Love the skulls! So glad you pointed them out and focused on them in the photos.

Roberta said...

I like Garden of Death. Why not. Be brave. Put it out there.

Karin said...

skull shrubbery!

Looks great.

Marti Wills said...

gorgeous! i would love to know your steps in making it.

Connie Rose said...

"Rebirth." Reminds me of the Devil, Death and Hanged Man tarot cards -- all about rebirth.

Zuzu's Blog said...

"The Queen of Light took her bow and then she turned to go
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom and walked the night alone." (Led Zeppelin)

nothing wrong with liking the skull image. its lovely and balanced to not fear it or see it as morbid. its just life.

herminesplace said...

I just love it, love the texture, colours and I also like skulls and on this page is looks fabulous.

butterfly said...

Stunning... the flowers and skulls work so brilliantly together, and the colours are utterly beautiful. The words will arise when they are ready.

LOVE the "dope" quote - but, yes, for another day perhaps!
Alison x

Carol Q said...

lol at Karin's skull shrubbery. I think garden of death is fine - go for it Sue. fabulous stencilling and colouring!

Sid said...

Love this page Sue, how about 'Hortiskulture' ?

Sandra said...

Hi Sue,
I can't help it ! I'm totally in love with your art, and, beyond that, with your "artistic mind process" in general. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Sioux P said...

Absolutely fab. really love the colours, and I would also love to know the process. Not sure of a title but I wouldn't want to be a bug in your garden!