Saturday, 1 June 2013

A red hood and a wolf

After making my Alice story doll I couldn't wait to make another! 
So out came the box of dolls and this time I used one that has a fabric body and ceramic head, arms and legs.

All the best stories start with
 Once upon a time..........

 a girl with a red hood

 went into the woods to visit her Grandma

 there was a wolf.....a bad wolf

 that ate Grandma and waited for the girl and ate her too

 along came a huntsman who rescued Grandma and the girl

 and killed the wolf

 .....and end with .......
and they all lived happily ever after 
except the wolf of course

in case you hadn't worked it out:)


Sarah said...

this is my favourite thing you have made ever - well, maybe a tie with the three blind mice - AMAZEBALLS!!!

And the Whovian in me squeed at the "bad wolf" bit :)

Carol Q said...

that looks bloody scary Sue - love it!

Anonymous said...

great, you are so good at this.

Gráinne said...

this looks so smashing!! You're so enviably inventive at altering dolls. I'm in awe ... Suzanne x