Sunday, 16 June 2013

Head games

I belong to a fun group on Facebook.....Hops Swaps and Do-waps......they have fun challenges, one of which is due's called HEAD GAMES, this is my entry.

 I love using found objects so I thjought I might just run through what I used for this piece.

 A dolls head, of course

 and as the theme is head GAMES, I used an old style shuttlecock with real nis pushed up inside the neck of the head

 in the hole in the top of the head is an old watch face with metal charm hands

 a wooden finial thingy from an old dressform

 for the hanger piece I used an old wooden curtain ring, added screw eyes so it will hang, there is a second brass curtain ring glued on top of the wooden one

 I have a new favourite paint colour.....Paynes has a blue tinge to it, a bit less harsh than my usual black:)

 Quinacridone Gold lips and nose....all the best doll heads have them:)

 and finally the head is hung using an old set of hanging basket chains.


mark gould said...

Brilliant and great fun. I love the finish on the dolls head and the clock face in the top is a great touch x

Effie said...

... It made me smile! Love it!

Wendy Gale said...

Lots of hard work there, I enjoyed hearing about the various pieces you used, fascinating.

Burnice said...

Now, Burnice is liking this one - am I being converted?

Carol Q said...

it's amazing what you can produce out of stuff that's not particularly special isn't it? another fab, ghoulish piece of art work Sue.

Sid said...

Great little heady hanger !!

Renee said...

Wow, love it! The feathers are genius.