Saturday, 19 January 2013


 A while ago I bought these rather cute plastic faces, decided to have a play with one yesterday.
 First problem was that they are quite flimsy and squishy so I glued some bits of paper on the underside (thanks for the idea Nigel if you are reading this), it worked quite well and it's now a lot firmer.

  After much debate about what I was going to do with it it eventually became not like I thought it was going to be!!!
First step was how to attach it....did think staples but that didn't work.....ended up stitching it in place which was easier than it sounds!!
It's on an old book cover......not sure what I will do with it yet.

I wanted to not do my usual white face with black eyes thing......not that I don't like that, I do, but wanted to do something a bit different, it's very easy do the same thing all the time!

 So, was looking to add some texture of some sort, found a tube of Crackle Accents in a drawer and smeared it across parts of the face................some of it crackled, some of it didn't.......where it didn't crackle across the dome of the forehead it went smooth and shiny and I think it looks a bit like old bone or ivory and I LOVE the way it looks!
 Has a slight peaceful Oriental feel don't you think?? And not scary!


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fantastic Sue, it's a fabulous transformation. I love the crackle and the fact you stitched it to secure. Tracy x

Carol Q said...

that crackle's amazing Sue - looks like some sort of fungus spreading across the face lol.

Creepy Glowbugg said...

This is fabulous! Never thought how creepy the doll face might be when painted over like that! Genius to use the crackle medium. Worked perfectly!
Now I'm on my way out to find little faces to repaint and make odd. TFS!!

Artyjen said...

What a fabulous effect you have achieved ;)
xoxo Sioux

Effie said...

What a transformation....fantastic..

Burnice said...

spooky but I kinda like it. did give me the willies a bit tho'. Liking the crackle or not crackle bits!

Nigel Roberts said...

Glad the idea worked.
The crackled texture is great, and it's not scary at all. If anything it looks quite serene. (I'm sure that won't last).

Sid said...

Not sure that it's not scary Sue ! But its a fabulous transformation !

Toni Baxter said...

Looks great! Stitching seems a perfect match for attachment.