Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I don't make cards.......

.......but I do like to alter them and use them on a journal page!

 I bought this card in Wales this summer......I knew I was going to alter it at some point. Not quite a witch with her traditional Welsh hat but near enough!

 I stamped around the edges of the card, then used sand paper to distress it, I also added a little extra something to her baby and a quote at the bottom:)

 Was going to just use the card and throw the envelope away but decided to use it on the page, the altered card tucks inside it.

 Old postage stamps along the bottom edge of the envelope and around the edge of the page.

 Stamp the words along the bottom using paint, dry a bit withy a heat gun and then rub with a baby wipe, some of the paint that isn't quite dry comes away giving a distressed look to the stamping.


kimmie said...

Great idea .... I love the hat too ... Greeting cards are a great source for images - this is a really cool one!

butterfly said...

Fabulous altered card - she already looked a bit fearsome! Love the technique with the painty letters, thanks for sharing it. Great page again from your amazingly creative mind and fingers!
Alison x

hazel said...

This is fabulous Sue - I love the idea of altering cards on projects.
xxx Hazel.