Wednesday 10 October 2012


Over the past several weeks I have been taking ANDY SKINNERS TIMEWORN TECHNIQUES online workshop....he has some fab techniques and I've really enjoyed it.
At the end of the workshop we are invited to make a final piece using some of the techniques learned......this is my offering.

 This piece has been in my head for a long time.....even before I took the online class......I bought the body old inspection lamp.....years ago and it has been sitting around ever since and as you might know I like to use old doll heads!

I used a peeled paint technique on the main body section......... 
added painted  netting wings, heating with a heat gun makes interesting holes..... old light fitting and bulb from my recent house renovations 
hang inside the old lamp......used some old meccano wheels to make her mobile.....have to admit getting them to fit was a royal pain in the you-know-what!

 ......on top of the doll head (they often have a hole in the top which can be a nuisance) 
I used one of those sink drainer/filter things with small light bulbs and metal leaves added...

 ....added a small book inside a metal frame thingy......used a rust technique on the frame and then hung it from the brass curtain ring round the doll head neck

 .....further paint techniques to colour the doll head.....I think she has a slightly sad look about her!

I had great fun making this piece and I am REALLY pleased with it.


jenclair said...

:) Can't decide if it is cute or creepy, but I love this "baby!"

butterfly said...

Astonishing piece of altered art, Sue! I've so enjoyed watching you use the techniques over the weeks (have fallen a long way behind, but have all the PDFs for future reference!)... but this is outstanding! She's definitely sad for me - one of those broken, discarded toys who has had to fend for herself after being abandoned, and has built herself all sorts of defences, physical and emotional against the harsh world she finds herself in... amazing work - I'm lost in admiration!
Alison x

Rebeca Trevino said...

very kool!
i use a lot of doll heads in my work also, and you are correct about the hole in the head of porcelain dolls, and i will often just leave them open, but your use of the drain piece is brilliant!
how were you able to keep it on the doll? glue? wire? silicone?

love the doll!

Andy Skinner said...

This piece has won my heart and I love every single aspect and detail of it.
Truly a wonderful work of art Sue!

Shirley said...

I just love her Sue, you always inspire me and this final project is amazing. She certainly is a work of art.
I have loved doing this course too.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fabulous quirky piece Sue. I love the fact you have used pieces from your house renovation, makes this piece even more unique. The techniques look fabulous especially her body. I may even be tempted to alter a doll myself one of these days. I really am getting in touch with my dark side lol. Tracy x

Meme said...

Sue this is so freaky COOL!
I LOve It!!!!

I love that you used old pieces from your house.

Super job!

Katalina Jewelry said...

You make some of the coolest and most creative projects ever! Love how your imagination works!

AngelicaS said...

I Love your final piece!!!!
Brilliant work!!

Laura Spano said...

wow- look at all of the techniques you incorporated. I love your color choice, the proportions and the wheels! I think everything should be aged and on wheels.:) Beautiful job.

Christine said...

I like your slightly freaky doll! I saw it on Andy Skinner's blog, and just had to learn more about how you made it.

I fancy altering a doll myself, and have bought a cheap Sindy/Barbie clone for the purpose, but haven't had the nerve to do anything with it yet. I'm hoping you will inspire me. Thanks for showing your doll!

Anonymous said...