Sunday, 23 September 2012

Through the keyhole

I've been messing with this owl over the last few days
 he has a keyhole in his belly......for no good resaon other than I thought it looked fun:)

Texture paste on the wings and then "rusted"

 Optician lens eyes

 and nails again just for fun and cos I like them:)


Netty said...

I saw your owl on Facebook and just had to come over and have a closer look. You really do make some fab creations. x

Effie said...

He's one handsome chappy!

butterfly said...

Oh what a fantastically quirky piece of deliciousness! I love him, and all the gorgeous techniques you've been playing with!
Alison x

Deborah said...

It really does look like rusty old junk metal. A brilliant, beautiful owl.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow a steampunk owl, how cool is that!!!

Rosita said...

OOOO what an amazing piece of ART !!!!
I love owls and this one is ONE of a kind .

Hug Rosita