Monday, 27 August 2012

Scary skull alert!

 I had another go at Andy Skinners AGED IVORY technique.........this is the before and after of my cheap and nasty plastic skull from Asda!

 I added some rub-on letters just for fun and to give a slightly mysterious touch!!!!!

 I used this acrylic wax a final coat.....when dry you can buff to a shine and I think that adds to the ivory/old bone feel.


Effie said...

Spooky stuff... Looks great. I didn't think I could have skulls in the house... Too much of a scaredy cat!

AngelicaS said...

Love your work, I really must find me a skull.....:)

Sarah Anderson said...

This class is so YoU! Fabulous transformation of the skull x

Carol Q said...

fabulous skulls that you found Sue - totally nasty!