Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I seem to be

in a corny mood just lately!
This owl looks like a gangster to me so I looked for a gangster-ish name and came across 
 OK, so I need to say something here......I've thought quite a lot about whether to post this page......the reason being is that I got the image from a posting on FaceBook and I'm concerned about copyright issues. 
I firmly believe in copyright and would not want to upset, I am going to give credit for the image to the artist.....
ANDREAS PREIS.......and this is where I found it.
I think the biggest copyright issues are those of taking an image and claiming it as your own and using it for profit......neither of which I am doing's just for my own use and amusement.
So, hopefully I am OK to use is a FABULOUS image!

 So, as I said, he looks like a gangster and while not wanting to stereotype here I thought...gangster.......mafia....Italian........I have the card from the Italian restaurant I went to the other week.......I know, I'll use it in his hat!

 More rub-on alphabets

 A while ago I was searching for washi tape and came across this bullet huh!
And it fits the gangster theme perfectly!

 The tape is clear which is a bit of an issue so I rubbed a little gesso over it, then dried it a little with a heat gun, the edges crinkled......oh I like that! So, rubbed some paint and pastel along the crinkles!


Sarah said...

Love the page :) He looks more cute than gangsta though :)

and I am totally with you on copyright, people get so hysterical about it nowadays

If you're not making money from it or in some way damaging the good name or livelihood of the original artist, then as far as I'm concerned what's the issue?

And it is of course simple good manners to credit the artist, but whether it really needs to be bound by law for non commercial use of imagery....ah the world's gone mad :)

Jan said...

This is SO FANTASTIC Sue!! I agree with Sarah re: copyright and you have made the courteous gesture to credit the artist, so I wouldn't worry. No harm done:-))

Sid said...

Had to laugh Sue, great imagery and so effective too !!

Helen said...

Oh Sue, I love it!!

bockel24 said...

such a lovely page - I´m glad you´ve posted it!

Sandy said...

OMG how cool is that Sue.
A fest for my eyes. I love the owl. xoxo

Irene said...

Realyy really love this page,thanks for posting it

Carole said...

absolutely brilliant !