Monday, 8 August 2011

The theatre

here in Crewe, Cheshire is 100 years old this year. There will be a week of celebrations in September including an exhibition of pieces based around the theatre and its history.......I am going to have a canvas panel in the exhibition that will be similar to this journal page.
 I was allowed inside the theatre to take pics.....the one on the right is of one of the boxes overlooking the stage........the one on the left (and below) is of the outside of the theatre

 This plaque is on the wall outside

The ballet dancers came from a leaflet advertising an upcoming performance.

I do love adding words with strips of paper :)


Sandy said...

Really really cool page Sue.
This inspire me again. I learn from you ;) Amazing.

Photocat said...

Very pleasing to the eye. Thank you for showing all the details. Love the dancers! That looks like one labor intensive page. But it came out so great!

Sid said...

Fab piece Sue, been to that theatre too !!

Jimjams said...

Great looking page Sue - will keep an eye out for your piece in the exhibition!