Friday, 19 November 2010


 A couple of weeks ago while still in Almaty  I went to see the ballet SWAN LAKE with my husband and another couple. It was a lovely experience and one I hope to repeat many times more.........with different ballets.

 My friend and I were very proud of ourselves in managing to get the tickets. Now this might sound like a minor achievement but I can tell you it is not! In a country where very few people speak English and the Cyrillic alphabet is used just working out what was on when was something!

 So, once we thought we had the date and times sorted we headed to the Opera House to try and buy the tickets.........we asked my friends driver if he would help us.......he did a grand job, bless him, even at one point standing in the foyer of the Opera House flapping his arms to imitate the swan to be sure we had the right show! I have to say that is one of those stories that we have told many times already and will continue to was soooo funny!

 So, off we went to the show and it all worked out.......we had the right tickets for the right day at the right time! I kept the programme, the English translation and the tickets as I knew I had these ballerina stamps (I think they are from Lost Coast designs) at home that I could use to make these journal pages.
I am now going to be missing for a few days as later today I am flying off to Paris for a long lucky am I! My husband is working there for a couple of weeks so it seems silly not to take advantage of cheap Easy Jet flights! Will be back next week with some fab pics to share I am sure......till revoir!


Sandy said...

Oh wow this is a dream.
Wonderful pages Sue. Magical.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sarah A said...

Oh I have alwasy wanted to see Swan Lake, I love ballet. You had me chuckling thinking about you trying to get the right tickets for the right show, lol @ the swan impersonator!

Wonderful journal pages and I think the pale blue look appropriately icy!

Sarah x

Helen said...

Coo, get you with your jet lifestyle!! Have a lovely time in Paris. Love your Swan Lake pages.

Wendy said...

Fab pages, and have a fab weekend x

Deborah said...

Reminds me of the time I tried to buy Canestan in France. The slang for thrush in France is 'muguet' aka lily of the valley. The woman behind the counter kept trying to sell me Diorella until I resorted, rather embarrased, to mime -in front of a queue of French farmers LOL Anyways, beautiful journal pages!

creativitylivesnow said...

Beautiful pages, great

greetings Petra

Lori Saul said...

Beautifully inspired art- one of my favorite Ballets!

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there Sue,
Well done for persevering, it's a lovely story:0)
Wonderful, colourful pages, the ballerina stamps are great.
So jealous of you going to Paris, love it there, have only been once but would love to go again.
Hope you have a fabulous time:0) xx

Sue A said...

Love the ballet pages. I hope you enjoyed it. I did not notice, was it Tchaikovsky or Prokofiev? lucky thing. I once spent a week there on my own, it was heaven.
(must check spellings for the composers)

have fun
sue xx

Nigel said...

Fantastic page, and I look forward to the retelling of the story - complete with arm movements :D

Dymphie said...

this story has to be told many times more, flapping arms and all! You made a wonderful journal page preserving your memories ❥

olive said...

have a great time......dont forget to spend lots!!! xx

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, lovely journal pages. And flapping your arms to get tickets for Swan Lake is just toooo funny!!